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Got questions?  We've got answers!

Does it have to be a supper?

Absolutely not!  Supper with a Scientist, Snacks with a Scientist, Soirée with a Scientist, Sangrias with a Scientist, the choice and the vision is yours!

How do I recruit guests from the community:?

We would love if as a host - you stretch beyond those you know well. Some ideas from previous dinners include advertising on "next-door" (an app that connects you to your local neighborhood), asking friends for referrals of people who might be interested in attending or it could be as simple as putting a request out on Facebook for those who know you locally to tag people who might be interested. Also feel free to reach out anytime for additional advice on how to recruit your guests if you run into any roadblocks.  We are always happy to brainstorm with you.

Do I have to host the event at my house?

Not at all!  We understand that space, family, pets or roommates can create a challenge in hosting a dinner.  Or perhaps you are not entirely comfortable with hosting people you don't know personally in your home.  That's not a problem!  We would recommend looking at other unique public spaces where you can host a dinner   A room on campus, a restaurant, coffee shop, bookstore. The list is endless and up to you!

How many hosts and guests are optimal for an event?

While every dinner will look different, we would recommend between 6-8 guests.  This will allow for a productive conversation to take place and provide everyone a chance to equally participate.  But that's not to say you cannot have a successful event with more or less people!  For the hosts - we would would suggest two.  Co-hosting the event (either with another scientist or someone who acts in a host capacity) distributes the pressure of maintaining the conversation and fielding all the questions you are likely to get (while giving you an opportunity to eat too :).

Where can I get funding for my dinner?

While we recommend a pot-luck style dinner to defray the costs of hosting a dinner, we understand that there is still financial burden burden to this type of event.  Previous dinner hosts have secured funding from their universities, asked local farms to donate food or sought for restaurants to provide a space for a larger group free of charge.  If you do find sponsors for your dinner, we are happy to place their logo linked to their website under our "sponsors" section, as a way to recognize them for their contribution. We absolutely don't want there to be any burden on you or guests financially, so contact us if you need additional assistance!

How can I spread the word?

We would love for you to spread the word if you feel as passionately about spreading scientific knowledge as we do.  Use this promotional flier here if would like something to hand out or hang up on public bulletin boards and make sure you join our social media community by using: #supperwithascientist


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If you have additional questions that have not been answered here, please contact us!


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