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Luise King, DVM, PhD

Advisory Committee Member

Luise King is professor of practice at the University of Arizona and a faculty member Pima Community College (teaching in the areas of veterinary science and veterinary technology respectively).  She has been passionate about caring for animals since she was a little girl.  Her fondest childhood memories are of helping the veterinarian that visited her parent's dairy farm in South Africa as they treated the cattle and other farm animals. It was without hesitation that the only career path she would ever choose was to be a veterinarian herself one day! She attended the University of Missouri to attain her DVM and PhD.  Today, she loves sharing her knowledge of veterinary medicine and nursing care with students. Her love for helping animals is also a priority.  She practices as an emergency veterinarian at Southern Arizona Veterinary Specialty and Emergency and takes care of the Tucson, AZ animal community overnight.  Overall, Luise is dedicated to academic and private practice where she strives to advance animal and human health.

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