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Aaron Bunker, PhD

Advisory Committee Member

Aaron Bunker is an Associate Professor of Physiology at Morningside College in Sioux City, Iowa. His primary responsibility is teaching undergraduate students majoring in biology and nursing about the how the human body works. he also has taken students to study abroad in the Amazon, New Zealand, and Guatemala (his photo was in Antigua, Guatemala) Aaron's research interests include projects examining: the influence of body position on blood pressure, the effects of inspiratory muscle training in performing artists, and the psycho-physiological effects of a single bout of violent video game play. He also has served as Chair of the Committee on Academic Advising for the past 4 years at his college, which is dedicated to improving the advising experience for students and faculty. Lastly, his spends his free time with his wife Sara, his son Max, and his fuzzy little Pekingnese dog named Carl.

Advisory Committee: TeamMember
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