Supper with a Scientist

A new solution with an age-old approach


Our Mission

Supper with a Scientist is a new approach with an age-old solution – connecting the community with scientists all across the country,  in the spirit of unity and celebration - and to do it all over the joy of sharing food.  To nurture new relationships, to learn something new and to encourage  dynamic, productive and transparent conversations about science. 


Why the time is now

Our society is only as strong as the information it has access to. In today’s world, it’s hard not to sometimes be confused about what to believe or not believe. That is one of the powerful things about science – it is not based on any lens we view the world: religion, superstition or social media. Science is based on empirical evidence that informs us about our world and behaviors. We are committed to connecting the scientific community with the public, so we may all benefit from the vast amount of knowledge about our beautiful world and those that reside in it.

How to get involved

  • Are you a scientist, or know a scientist, who has a passion to share their experience, knowledge and love for science with the community?

  • Are you interested in hosting a dinner, together with a scientist, to encourage the spread of scientific knowledge and get to know your community members?

  • Are you interested in science and want to learn something new from the expert themselves? Do you love food and a good conversation?


     If you answered yes to any of these questions – we would love to hear from you!


The Recipe

For our future hosts:

Thinking about hosting a supper but not sure where to start?  The first step is to contact us and we'll send you a Dropbox link to a Supper with a Scientist Toolkit, which includes templates for invitations, info cards, fliers, surveys and more.  Once you have a date set, we'll also add it to our master calendar!  Also check out  Supper Stories for inspiration and to learn how others have gone about organizing their dinners.


To help you navigate through the planning of your supper click on the guide.  It will help you think through the entire process including:


  • The basics of your event, logistics and the structure of the evening

  • How you convey your science story including tips on how to craft a compelling story

  • A reflection sheet to provide feedback on your supper

Click to download the guide:









For our future guests:

Don't want to wait until you receive an invitation?  We don't blame you! Let us know you are interested in attending a Supper with a Scientist - if there is not one scheduled in your area, we can reach out to interested scientists in your area. Its like a match made in heaven!

Guiding Principles

Supper with a Scientist operates on the following three principles:

Have a date set for your supper?  Let us know and we'll add it to the master calendar!

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